2-0 to the weather demons

Bjørn and I went out to take some high flights with the students this weekend. Saturday we went to Vikersund as it was forecasted NW winds. It turned out to be mostly NE, and way to strong to fly in. We went up to the top of the ski jump tower and had a look. I think the longest jumps in Vikersund are above 200 meters.

Sunday was forecasted weak SW and sunny, perfect for a day at Brandbu. It looked very good until we came to Brandbu and met the fog, it was dense gray and not possible to see the takeoff from the landing. We drove up, and after a while the fog seemed to dissapate a little. The wind however was not favorable, blowing cross and tail most of the time. We waited the whole day, and then a front came in and shaded the sun making the tailwind stronger.