Record weekend in Vågå

What a weekend, many new records and lots of new personal bests, including first HG pilot over 200 km. The paragliders had a comp in Hvittingfoss and got good flights there too.

    New Records
    New HG open distance record from Bismo
    New HG 150 km out and return distance from Vågå
    New HG 150 km out and return speed from Vågå
    New PG open distance record from Vågå
    New PG declared goal record from Hvittingfoss
    New PG female open distance record from Hvittingfoss

I was in Vågå on Friday, and met up with Arnt and Frode to fly from Heidal. It was too strong conditions for flying PG, so Frode chose to drive for us. It seemed like a wise decision as we had some of the strongest thermals I’ve flown in, with accompanying turbulence. The combination of northerly winds and very cold air produced some real monsters coming off the leeside down the valley.

I did not warm up enough before takeoff, and I pulled a muscle in my left shoulder fighting the tight and turbulent cores with 7-10m/s lift. It was rock and roll all the way to cloudbase at 2600 where we had about 20 km/h tailwind. I went on glide and got a new rough thermal off the leeside of Teigkampen, I chose to leave it as my shoulder was begging for mercy. I still had 2000 meters, and hoped for a little calmer lift behind Vinstra. I got some strong smoother lift at Harpefoss, and Arnt joined me again. From there it was more or less straight line via Frya and Kvitfjell, before I went on a long glide over the plateau behind Tretten before finding new lift. Arnt was lower and could not go that far in to the mountains, he landed near Fåvang at about 60 km out.

The cloudstreet behind Øyer was overdeveloping, and pushed me more and more out into the blue and headwind created by the sea breeze from Mjøsa lake. I passed Lillehammer and hoped I could keep utilizing the lift created by the convergence, but cloudbase dropped from 2600 meters down to 1200 meters at the worst. It was too low to go on glide towards Moelv, so I broke off and spiralled down to a good landing at Brøttum, 98 km from takeoff. That was a new open distance personal best in Norway. Frode picked me up and we found Arnt at the pizzeria in Otta. I assume I would have made many more km if that cloudstreet had not blocked progress, I used just 2 hours on the first 90km.