The day of lenticularis

Fredrik and I went back to Sundvollen today, but coming over Sollihøgda it was a quite windy sky ahead. At takeoff it was quite calm, but the wind at height was clearly strong. The sky was full of lenticularis clouds, at Sundvollen that is a sign of very turbulent and strong winds just above takoff. Probably flyable, but we did not want to risk it, no one flew today.

We went to Vik and had coffee with Frode. Fredrik took some shots outside the cafe in the spectacular sunset, too bad this image got some camera shake, but the colours are captured well. The sunset is reflecting in the frozen lake

Coffee at the Cafe. Nice backdrop!

Frode and I went for some Pizza back in Oslo and then saw the movie “Master and Commander”, pretty good if you like Russel Crowe.