The birds

It’s been the normal shitty Oslo weather in the last weeks, with rain, coudbase at 30 meters and generally foggy conditions. In the north the weather have been rather extreme, with strong winds and snow. Airports and roads have been closed in some places. A Dornier turboprop airplane chrashed on the runway in Bodø injuring 4 people, it had trouble with the elevator controls after reportedly beeing hit by lightning on the way from Røst.

SeagullsToday it cleared up here in Oslo for the first time in weeks, and we finally got some sun. Sitting in my office I noticed a huge gaggle of seagulls flying above our office buildings. I went outside on the roof to see if they were thermaling, and I could see lots of seagulls in the air over the city area. It looked like every bird in Oslo was out flying today. I think they were sick of having been grounded for weeks, and wanted to stretch the wings again. I do know the feeling! Would be great to get out and fly again, maybe the weather cooperates this weekend, the forecast is OK.