The weather forecast was for easterlies, and nice weather. Fredrik and I drove towards Ringerud, but turned around and went back to Sundvollen as the wind was South when we passed Sundvollen the first time, and North West at Hønefoss and Ringerud.

Arriving there it was shifting between nil wind and tailwind, we set up and I got quickly ready to lauch in the first period with launchable air. I ran like hell from well behind the ramp, but still got low over the railing below, but had enough energy to make it a nice takeoff. There was some light thermals, but nowhere near enough to climb in it. Nice landing made it a good flight in perfectly clear and cold winter air. Small flights like this makes the winter season a little more bearable, it would be nice to thermal up over the Australian flatlands now… But nah, I would be sweathy and too warm. Give me a frozen LZ and still air… ;-)

Fredrik did not take off as the tailwind became consistent and stronger. Oliver Thurman whom I have not seen in some years showed up and did a flight with his paraglider, nice to talk to him again.

Fog banks, and nil wind on the fjord.

Wow duuude, aawesome thermals today!
Rått esse!

At the LZ, frozen margeritas all over …
Landing, frozen margaritas