Soaring Saturday

I picked up Fredrik and drove to Sundvollen where we met up with Trond Olsen and Arne Karstensen. The ususal gaggle of paragliders were doing sledders when we arrived, but as the wind picked up and conditions got good they dissapeared. Trond and Arne took off first and got high while we got ready. I had to stuggle low for a while after takeoff, but got a nice thermal in the corner behind takeoff and got up onto the ridge lift.

I cruised over to Gyrigaugen to meet Trond, gaining height slowly all the way, really smooth ridge lift with some nice thermals intermixed. We flew around and crossed back to Kongen where we got high again. Since the wind had picked up we choose to land on the big fields towards Vik, while Fredrik and Arne landed earlier at the bottom. Really nice flight, but I have to remember to put my winter gloved in the harness, my hands got too cold at height in the thin summer gloves, so I had to land after 1:30 hours in the air.

Autumn colours, nice view!

Since the wind picked up Terje was the only student to get a short flight from Vikersund.