Today seemed to be a good day for flying at Ringerudkollen, Bjørn J and I met up at the landing and drove up to get a flight. Bjørn wanted to try his new used Laminar for the first time, and I just wanted a flight. We did not expect more than a glide down. As we set up the wind was shifting and cross most of the time, the clouds drifted from the back, but it was launchable in periods. Bjørn took off first and climbed above takeoff while flying straight out, I got in the air soon after and got a nice flight in smooth weak thermals aided by ridge soaring.

The lift band was quite narrow and we only got 50 meters above takeoff, so I flew for about 30 minutes before I became bored with the ridge. I went in search of some better thermals upwind and out from the ridge, but I could not find anything usable. It was a strong wind gradient on landing, as the trees are quite tall around the LZ. I was prepared and had a resonably good landing, while Bjørn took out one upright. He was quite happy with the Laminar, nice to fly and glides a lot better than the old LaMouette Profil, but a bit more challenging to land. We had hamburger and coffe in Hallingby to finish of a good hanggliding day.

Set up

One less Laminar upright in the world