Sao Paulo

I drove down from Vaagaa, arriving in Oslo at 03:00, and slept for a few hours before getting up at 7:30 to repack my bags. I loaded the glider box back on the car and picked up Fredrik, after 7 hours of driving through sweden in massive rain we crossed over the Oeresund bridge and arrived in Denmark. After making the day a little interesting for the check-in crew at Copenhagen airport with my glider box we got on the flight. I paid US$360 extra for exess size, and 15 hours later in Sao Paulo we pick up our bags and find the glider looking fine. It was entertaining to manouver the 4.2 meter long box through the X-ray machine in customs…

I put Fredrik to watch over the bags, while I got our connecting tickets and found the Varig cargo departement. The glider have to goe as air-freight the last leg to Brasilia. After getting sendt around different offices, where people speaked very little english I finally meet the right man to arrange everything for me. We went back to the terminal in a VW bus, and shoved the glider in the back door, it does not fit more than halfway so I sit and hold while he drove the few km back to the cargo terminal. After arranging papers for freight and insurance everything is OK. (Insurance is highly recommended after watching the forklift drivers rally around the terminal with cargo)

The central bank had a huge money shipment with Varig this morning, so suddenly a caravan of armoured cards, motorbikes with police, and jeeps with armed soldiers arrive in true Hollywood style. Officers with pilot sunglasses, and some serious looking private security guards with long black coats over bulletproof vests carrying sub-machine guns. Interesting show, I always thought it was like this only in the movies with North American heros fighting South American drug cartels.

So, only 8 more hours to kill in the airport, getting bored, internet access is 20 reals per hour, which is about NOK 50, not too bad actually, could buy another few hours and catch up on work email.