Slow weekend

A rather slow weekend in Oslo, I had to work and could not go flying in the great conditions during the week. Saturday I worked for a few hours. Bjørn H went to Ringerudkollen, but it rained there as well as in Oslo, so I stayed inside in front of the PC.

Today seemed to be OK, it was some sun early in the morning, but it closed up quickly. I drove to Trøgstad to do some areotowing. There was lots of people there set up and ready, but nobody seemed to want to fly. I quickly set up and got ready, jumped on the dolly and got a nice tow behind Bjørnar in the Tug. I was flying too fast, as I’ve gotten used to the fast trikes they used in Sweden, but got up and slowed down when we got high. I released at 600 meters, and searched around for lift. The sky was totally overcast, but I found a nice 2 m/s thermal over the airstrip. It slowed down and died at 950 meters, just enough to fly around for a while and make a final glide back into the wind to the airstrip. Nice flight.

There was some action as well, with two broken gliders, one pilot in the creek, and Erik Vermaas got hit by mechanical turbulence at the end of the strip, and had to land on the other side of the creek. The wind turned to the east at the end, and gave use some turbulence.

Nils Åge and Olav got long 130 km flights from Bismo to Tretten on Friday, and Ingar flew 115 to south of Notodden from Ringerudkollen.

Johannes writes to tell about his album from Milslukern