BASE jumping

Yesterday Fritz and I went to see some BASE jumps from a building in Oslo. Radical stuff, it was a kick just watching it, I can really understand why people want to do it. The jump off point was 60-70 meters over the ground. Nice conditions with clear skies and a setting sun, jsut a little cold in the breeze.

After two jumps the police arrived in force, 2 cars and one motorbike, and we had to climb down with the remaining two jumpers. It’s not illegal to do BASE, but the building is private. One of the police officers was a BASE jumper, guess that’s why they showed up so quickly – to see a few jumps if they could. All they asked us for was personalia, which is normal procedure according to the locals.

Fritz took a few pictures and some film clips, the film clips are in Windows Media format. Click on image for a larger view. Clip 1 – 860KB and Clip 2 – 560KB

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  1. Film students at the Queensland College of Art (Griffith Uni) in Brisbane Australia are currently seeking base jumping experts or enthusiasts to be involved in an extreme hobby docementary to be filmed around August/September 2004. Anyone who is interested or anyone who can point us in the right direction to make some contacts, please email us.
    Great work on the site. Fascinating clips!

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