Oslo, Romania, web

The weather in Oslo finally seems to improve a little, the sun is out and the southerlies have gone north (Where else :-?) It would be flyable on Sundvollen but my Litespeed is still on the factory floor in Sydney. Vicki at Moyes emailed me and said it would probably go out on Tuesday, it usually takes a week in shipping and clearing of customs. So If I’m lucky I can fly in two weeks…

Next weekend I’m going to the CIVL plenary meeting in Romania, Tor Erik is the representative, but he is going to Australia, so I step in.

I’ve spent some time updating the wepages for my club, Jetta LSK. Check it out on http://www.ellefsen.net/jetta You’ll find an invitation to Milsluken 2003, the XC open distance competition for hang and paragliders.

Excpect these pages to change form soon, I’m testing out several new systems for dynamic content, so far eZPublisher seems to be the best solution for me, but a little overkill for a homepage/weblog. We’ll see.