Import from old blog

First task of the Nordic HG Open today, Vole – Otta – Sørem. It was clear from the forecast that we would have clouds, easterly winds, and maybe som rain. I went early and got up together with Robin and Nils Åge. But it got grey and no lift, so we all glided through towards the TP without any lift after leaving Gråhø. Most people fell through, but some got to the same point as us.

We have 32 pilots, including 6 Finns and 3 Swedes. Where are all the Norwegians? Afraid to lose? I cannot understand why people want to freefly here during the comp when they could participate and fly together with everyone.

Yesterday was canned because of strong NE winds and rain. Tonight lots of polits flew sled rides from Blåhø. Quite a lot of interesting landings in nil winds…