Import from old blog

We had fantastic conditions on Saturday, the first task of Frya Cup was Frya – Otta – Frya, an Out&Return of 71.3 km. Cloudbase was at 2100 meters and strong thermals everywhere, 12 of 14 pilots completed the task, with the quickest pilots spending less than 2 hours on the task. On sunday the wind turned and we could not get launchable conditions, too bed bacause the weather was nice and sunny. Olav Opsanger won the comp, Johannes Moger came second with a better time, but a later start and goal-time. Nils Åge Henden made third, and I came fourth.

I stayed in Vågå for some XC flying, Modays was supposed to be great, but some Cirrus moved in and ruined the day. There was still pleny of lift, but no XC conditions. We sendt out some of the students for their first filights from Vole, they did good. I did not feel well and had to land after just a few minutes in the air.

Tuesday Olav flew from Vågå to Øyer, 104 km, in totally blue conditions, I did not fly as I was not feeling well.

Thursday to Sunday is the Milslukern XC comp, weather looks OK so I hope we get lots of people coming.