Import from old blog

Nils Åge Henden is reporting from Vågå;
It’s been good flying conditions in Vågå the last week, good for hanggliders last weekend, and the sailplanes have had really good conditions since Tuesday. Over 40 sailplanes have been flying wave conditions, and Thursday produced a new nordic record of 10250m height gain. (10700m asl). 34 pilots made it over 7350m. Today was nice for hanggliding with thermals up to 1,5 average and 5-6 peak, made it to 1750m. Nice but cold!

I’ve spent the easter in Oslo, my glider have still not arrived from Moyes. Today I drove for Fritz, and he got a sled ride from Ringerudkollen. The guys in Bassano and France seems to have had nice weather with good flying conditions.