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Mt. Beauty, Victoria, Australia
First day of the Bogong cup yesterday, about 70 people registered for the comp. We have had really good conditions the last days, with cloudbase at over 3000 meters and no winds. We went to Mt. Emu to take off for the first day. I was number 32 to take off and got out in a bad cycle with about 15 other pilots. We scratched over the trees for about 10 minutes before I flew a little further out to a smaller hill where Alberto was maintaning. After few minutes searching I found a good thermal that finally took us up to take-off height again. By then I felt really ill in the rough thermals, and had to give up and just glide out. I hoped gliding straigh for a while would help, but as soon as I tried to thermal again i became dizzy. I missed one upright on landing and smacked in rather unelegantly, with a slightly bent upright and scratched knees as result.

Today it’s raining, and we have a rest day, fine with me, but bad for the others. I’ll try to fly again tomorrow if it’s flyable.