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Deniliquin, NSW, Australia
Today was cancelled as was yesterday, high winds, and today it was quite gray as well. Might be better tomorrow.

We have had one day of comp flying, blue conditions, windy, inversion at 1500 meters (Almost like Algodonales, but no hills). We got a 92km task dogleg downwind, and then cross. Very difficult after the TP, and hard to stay on the courseline. I did good for a while and kept up with the lead gaggle, but made a mistake about 45 km from goal while gliding into the wind to reach another gaggle that was climbing. I got too low and found nothing before I was very low, I drifted in 0 lift 6-7 km crosswind just 100 meters off the ground, and had to land when the thermal died.

Gordon Rigg won the day, 9 pilots in goal. About 95 pilots participation in the open class. Out towing operation went quite well, with only one rope break on the first day.