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Manilla, NSW, Australia
Today was supposed to be a really good day, with southerly wind and high cloudbase, everyone was getting ready for long flights. The day turned out to be crap, with NW winds, lots of cirrus blocking the sun, and a strong inversion at 1600 meters to make it a blue day. I met Shane from Ireland, and we tried to get in some distance crosswind to the north. Got some good lift, but a sinkhole sent me down from 1600 meters to the grund with 8 m/s sink all the way. I did not even reach the landing field I was planning to use, landed vertically in very strong winds, quite pissed off. Shane was behind me last time I saw him. Yesterday was the same, but stronger winds. I never went up the hill, one of the Swiss pilots chrashed his Litespeed at takeoff, hurt his ankle and knee. Tomorrow is forecasted the same as today, I’ll be heading down to Sydney again sometime tomorrow.

Merry Chrismas to everyone!