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Manilla, NSW, Australia
(Update delayed bacause of a thunderstorm last night)
Great day today, despite early overdevelopment. The Basher had fitted our old roofracks from 2 years ago. So I could catch a ride up the hill with the rest of the pilots, while my Ray who was my driver waited at Godfreys place.

The day was a little slow to begin with as clouds covered the area aroind the take-off. At around 12 it cleared, and I decided to take off with 2 paragliders going up in front of takeoff. It was weak and turbulent lift up to a small inversion at 1500 meters. OVer that it was good lift to cloudbase at 2000. The wind was west, and I decided to go crosswind north to Bingara. It was quite big clouds on the track, and over Baraba after 35km it started to rain, and I could see several storm-cells in the area. I did not risk to get really wet, and turned around and flew back to Manilla. Ray was there when I landed with ice cold water. Great, 2 hour flight, and early back in town.

Patric and me at takeoff 2 days ago.

I met a local sailplane pilot when I came back to the hotel, he had cruised under a 60 km long cloudstreet at 230 km/t without loosing any altitude today… Some of the paragliders are still flying locally over town as I’m writing this at 18:00, looks like great lift.