Import from old blog

It’s been quiet on these pages lately. I have been working most of the time, and have only flown the training gliders a few times while intructing in the bunny hill at Årvoll on Oslo.
The rest of the guys have been quite active in great weather earlier this fall, check out the pictures in the album.

I’ve ordered my new Litespeed, and Moyes promised to have it ready mid December when I’m ready to fly in Sydney. I’ll be leaving Oslo on the 28/11, and will do some technical training as part of my work on the Cisco CCIE. After a few weeks of studying I’ll pick up my glider and head inland to where the cloudstreets are born. I’m thinking of going to Manilla first, then I’ll pick up Andreas and Gordon in Sydney Chrismas day. We’ll fly the comps in Deniliquin and Hay, and I will do Bogong as well, before I have to go back to work on the 29/1.