Import from old blog

Last weekend we flew the Milslukern XC comp. The weather vas not the best, with overdevelopment and grey sky on Saturday, cancelled on Sunday. Frode Halse won by flying his Paraglider! 24 km to Garmo. Trond Olsen flew to Dombås and came second. Tor Erik Moen and Erik Bergseter on a split third. I rained down near Dombås to come fifth.

In the Nationals we had much better conditions, and we flew 4 of 6 days. Kjell Chr. Krane won, only two points ahead of Thor Erik Moen. Olav Opsanger on third. I came tenth, not happy with that. We won the team comp by a big margin for the third year in a row.

The Norwegain Cup was won by Sverre Bjølgerud, I came second, and Olav Opsanger third.

I’ll publish a link to the complete results as soon as I have them.