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Algodonales, Spain. World Hanggliding Championships 2001.
3800 km from Oslo to Algodonales, in 37 hours straight. It went suprisingly easy as we never hit any traffic jams or slowdowns, stopping only for food and fuel.
The gliders for Nils Åge and Olav are here, so is most of the teams. Mike Barber had a chrash a few days ago and dislocated his shoulder, he’s gonna go back to the states.
The weather was nice today, but cloudbase was low. Lots of pilots in th sky this afternoon. We’ll set up the gear tomorrw, and then go flying. Nils needs to fit the carbon A-frame to the new glider, and I need to adjust my new M2 Cigar harness.

GSM data connections fail all the time, I’ll try to change operator if it helps.