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The comp at Ringerud last weekend was great. Saturday was quite gray and slow, I never got up over start, but Olav flew the whole task of 46 km to win the day. Sunday was quite windy early, but it calmed down enough to safely fly a comp. We set a race of 66 km to Lampeland, I came first with Sverre and Ingar just behind. The conditions were great with cloudbase around 2300 meters and strong tailwind. Monday was even better, with weak westerly winds and strong lift. We set a local task of 55 km, and took off around 12:30. I lost some time getting up in weak lift while the others got strong lift to cloudbase. In the strong conditions it was difficult to make up the 15 minutes I lost. I came in to goal at 3. place on Monday, and got 2. place after Sverre in the toal scores.

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