Import from old blog

The weather was a little better yesterday, but a warm front moved in and shaded the area, while it overdeveloped heavily from 10:30 around us. We did a few tows and Trond Olsen got up, but only made it 20 km before he was stopped by rain. I towed up through layers of rock’n roll air but found only broken and weak lift, never got over the release height again. As we packed up it started to rain and hail. I had to stop the car several times on the way back because of heavy hail showers.

I had a look around the area while searching for lift, and it sure looks great for spring and early summer flying, with large plowed fields everywhere and easy XC terrain where you don’t need the high cloudbase as in the mountains to go far. North to Tynset it’s 192 Km, and SE to Karskoga in Sweden it’s 205 km over Flatlands the whole way.

Next comp is Hjartdal Cup in Telemark, the forecast is quite positive this time, little wind and higher pressure moves in in the next few days.