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Sydney, NSW, Australia
The car got fixed the same day in Forbes, and held together the 400 km back to Sydney. A fan blade had come off, and embedded itself in the radiator mounting, since the fan is big and made of steel it unbalanced the engine badly. The shock absorbers in front are also totally gone, the driver side rattles around and sounds like its about to fall off. The AC compressor had damaged bearings, and the mechanic cut the AC belt. After that the fuel and oil consumption is halved, what a car… I hope it holds together a few more days, since it’s much cheaper than taxis I’ll keep it until I leave.

Driving back to Sydney without AC was quite hot, sticking your arm out the window only makes it hotter, and you get hit by big bugs all the time. Only when I got up in the Blue Mountains did it cool off for a while. I met up with Gordon again at Bill and Mollys place, and we slept there. Their place is by Bronte Beach, and we had a swim before breakfast. Very nice place, with cafes, green free areas, and a clean beach. Today was quite hot, and since the humidity is much higher than inland you feel quite sticky after a while.

We went out to the Moyes factory, to check that our gliders had arrived in one piece. We got a peek at the new Moyes harness that is under development, looks pretty good. I went back to the beach after dropping Gordon off at the Airport and did some body-surfing for a few hours, got some pretty good waves. I’ll play tourist in Sydney for a few days, might pick up my glider at Moyes and fly Stanwell if it’s soarable. Writing this from a internet cafe in Kings Cross.