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Hay, NSW, Australia
Another interesting day in Hay, a hangglider competition is always an adventure. Today was a little windy, with a little high cirrus clouds. There was some discussion about calling the day, but eventually we got a task 116km NW. Around 15:00 pilots started towing and some was getting up. Gordon towed up, got hit by a dustdevil and tumbled the glider. He deployed the parachute, and it opened 10 meters over the ground. Gordon game down without a scratch (Exept for a torn trouser leg due to dragging in the wind) The Litespeed took the tumble without breaking, and he only bent the 2 right divesticks.

I lent him my glider since he is fighting in the top 3, while I have nothing to loose but a flying day. It’s always better to get in the air straight away after a incident like that, he seemed to have the nerves under control. I packed up his glider, and spent one hour in the free big swimmingpool they have here in Hay. Good for stiff neck and shoulders. So far I’ve been over 20 hours in the air, some of it have been pretty hard flying.

The conditions today looks like a booming day, cloudstreets at 3000 meters all the way to the first TP. The last 40 km of the task was upwind so it might be difficult at the end