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Hay, NSW, Australia
Yesterday was the first comp day, the task was around 130 km, with 2 turnpoints, last leg was headwind. It overdeveloped around us quite early, and lots of people flew through rain. I had a really bad day in the tow paddock, had to release at 100 meters during the first tow because of a misunderstanding between Bill Moyes who was towing, and the ground crew. I broke the weaklink on the second tow, and was at the end of the queue again. By the third tow the whole area was in shadow from the storm approaching, and I did not get up. My release broke during the last tow, so I could not try again, frustrating day especially since the flying was quite good, Gordon made goal, and Andreas landed 7 km short in strong headwind.

Today was a little better, but far from perfect as I broke 3 weaklinks and was the last one to climb out and get on course. I had to carry my glider back from each failed tow, and that really tires you out in 40 degree heat. The task today was a 110km out and return, I catched up with the rest of the field as they came back from the TP, since they started a hour before me I should have slowed down a little but I was too tired to make any good descisions by now. I missed the last thermal that would have takem me to goal, Gordon took it just as I flew on, he tried to tell me on the radio but since my headset broke down yesterday I could not hear him. Another technical problem to fix tonight… Had I made goal with that thermal I would have been among the top three today. Atilla won the day, Gerolf second, Gordon and Andreas were among the 8 that made goal.

Weather looks fine for tomorrow, we had thunderstorms today, one sat right over the TP and made it exiting to take it, Andreas came out of a cloud with lightning and rain, but there was some good lift there :-)