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Hay, NSW, Australia
We have been in Hay for two days now, the first day we got all towing gear sorted out, and did a few tows late in the afternoon. Paris is here with the new Wills glider, fiberglass curved tips, and the new airfoil uprights. It does not look like a Fusion anymore, and according to Paris it does not fly like one either.

Yesterday a front moved in while we were getting ready to tow, by the time we got up it was totally overcast and little wind. Andreas got away at first tow and went 97 km west, Gordon and I used two tows, and got away almost 2 hours after Andreas, we landed 58 km out at around 19:00. Some of the French team arrived yesterday, and some Australians today. There was no flying today as it was thunderstorms this morning, we spent the day making adjustments to the gliders.

By now it’s 16:00 and cleared up, the Americans went to do some late tows, there’s some cumulus development. We’ll go to dinner instead.