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Algodonales, Spain
Day 6-7. The conditions were quite windy yesterday and we got a task into the mountains towards Ronda. Few pilots wanted to fly the task, but the organizers did not cancel the task. Gerolf organized a mutiny and only the English team took off to fly the task. There was no thermals, and a few pilots ridge soared a few kilometers to the first TP, and landed there. The winner got 21 points…

Today we got even stronger winds, and the task was cancelled. We took the day off and drove down to the coast near Tarifa. Swimming in the Atlantic was refreshing after the inland heat and dust. Lots of windsurfers, kitesurfers, and three hanggliders soaring over the windmills in the hills behind the beach.

The forecast for the last two days of flying is good, the wind is getting weaker and we’re supposed to get good climbs and thermals to well over 2000 meters. Today there was lots of cumulus clouds for the first time since we came.