Import from old blog

The weather was better this weekend, so the Frya Cup 2000 was arranged again. Saturday it was strong wind in the north but good conditions from Ringebu. The task was free distance, and Arnfinn Markeng flew around 80 km to Brummundal to win the day. I got to Lillehammer, and landed next to Johannes Moger on a shared 5. place.

On Sunday we started in Heidal, the task was to Frya take-off, back to Vinstra, and goal on Frya. The wind picked up around 13:00, and it was difficult to get up after take-off. I started quite late, and flew with Tor-Erik for a while. It was quite easy to get to Frya with the strong tailwind, but going back to Vinstra was worse. I had to land near Harpefoss a few km from the TP. Nils-Åge was the only one who took the second TP, but he had to land near there as well.

Good flying in blue and windy conditions this weekend, Robin Nilsen won, Arnfinn Markeng on second, I got third pace. I’ll post a link to the full results when they are up on the web.