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Bassano, day 1 to 4.

Driving from Oslo, we arrived Friday night in pouring rain. Saturday was a little better, and we got off for a extended sled ride between the showers. Pål had a hard landing, and broke his upper arm for the third time. Really bad luck as it was not a really hard landing, the glider was OK. He got on a plane home today.

The weather demons are here, Saturday night we had some spectacular thunderstorms passing over us, as we drove to the hospital to pick up Pål. Sunday was gray but quite flyable, low cludbase at 1000 meters and weak lift made it hard to go far. Nils-Åge flew to the Observartory and barely made it back to the main LZ. I flew around locally for 45 minutes, before I fell through and had to land.

Monday started with rain, but it cleared up and we got some sun. It overdeveloped soon though, we all flew around over start and along the ridge for a while until it died out completely. I’ve used the days to adjust the CSX a little, it was difficult to fly with the new harness.

Today was really gray, nobody got high, but it was soarable. The forecast for Tomorrow and the weekend is better.

We have flown 3-5 hours each, 0 km XC.