Import from old blog

3 days ago Olav and I flew 149 km from Borah to Moree. It was a totally blue day, and inversion at 1800 meters. We set a task before we took off, first west, then north to Narrabri and Moree, 194 km total length. It took over 6 hours, and it was almost dark when we rigged down. Ronny and Stein-Egil flew 116 km along the same route.

Yesterday I bombed out, never found lift after take-off. Mt. Borah is a tricky place sometimes, you only have 400 meters to find something to get up on. Kjell got to Bingara, 89 km. Rolf Dale flew 191 km to Garah with a paraglider.

Today we went north, but I only got 16 km out before I was on the ground again. Massive sink, and a hangover did not help. The weather is good, hot and quite high pressure. We have flown about 20 hours so far, conditions have been good and everyone have been flying every day.

We’ll be leaving on Sunday afternoon for Sydney, so there’s still two days to go really far.