Import from old blog

I found a Internet Cafe here, so on with the news;
The first days here in Manilla have been quite gray, but everyone have been flying. The task in the Manilla HG comp have been around 100 km’s, and a few pilots have made goal. There’s a warm front passing, so yesterday and today have been quite gray, it’s supposed to be better tomorrow. It’s warm, around 35 degrees, I’ve never been drinking so much water.

The Litespeed’s were here when we came, and after some investigation my new harness also showed up at Tamworth airport. We have flown the gliders 2 flights each to get everything adjusted. The hangpoint was way to far back on my first flight and I could hardly control the glider. Olav took out a DT on the first landing as he came downwind downhill. After moving the hangpoint and adjusting the harness I feel ready to go XC soon. The gliders look and feel fantastic, can’t wait to get high and go far.

Manilla is a great place, flat, warm, and friendly people. (Except those bastards who broke in to our room and stole all our money!) Now we’re off to the hill again, it’s soarable with easterly winds, so it should be a nice day, if the cirrus breaks up it will be a really good day.