Forbes 2020, day 8,task 4

The last day of the comp, we got windy and blue conditions with forecasted weak lift. I needed two tows to get away, and flew the task alone most of the flight. It was a very quick 95 km flight with a good tailwind.

I got to goal with an OK time, I lost 8 minutes at the start gate due to retow, and ended up at 9. place in the total results for the comp. Quite happy with that result after no comp flying for a long time.

Winners Forbes Flatlands 2020

Forbes 2020, day 7

Windy and hot conditions, day cancelled, not safe at all. Massive duststorm came through last night. Here’s how the street outside after dinner was, the photo does not show the 40knot gusts and 43 degrees heat at 21:30… It was not a pleasant place to be outside.

Forbes 2020, day 6

Made goal, but it was slow going. Had some problems with the harness before takeoff and had to get off the dolly twice before I fixed it. Not very nice to struggle with stuff like that in 40+ degrees.

After a rowdy tow up I met up with a few other pilots and we had a good thermal or two before taking the start gate from cloudbase. I found out that my VG cleat did not lock the VG rope with any tension, I tried to clean it out from sand and dust, but no go. It was hard to fly the task with almost no VG, but I made it in the end.

Sunset at goal, task 3.

Forbes 2020, day 5, task 2

We flew a 145km task, crosswind to the south, turning north crosswind to just east of Forbes, and headwind to goal at Bogan gate. Conditions were good, with 3000m cloudbase and some strong lifts here and there.

I was back in the towing order since I did not place well in task 1, and I took the first startgate 5-6 minutes late. I cought up with the main gaggle around the first turnpoint and had an OK run from there to goal. The final glide was into headwind and I nearly misjudged it, starting at 1:7 25km out I just made it over the trees into the goal cylinder to 6. place. Atilla won the day, Olav in 4. place.

Full results at

Smoke from bushfires spread out into our flying area.

Forbes 2020, day 4 task 1

Windy conditions make it hard for the safety committee to make a final call, and we postponed first briefings and then the towing was delayed several times. In the end we got off, but way to late to finish the 160km task. Nobody made goal, I was not on top of my game and landed quite early. But we finally got to fly, Wohoo!

Outlanding on task 1.

Forbes 2020, day 2, smoke and wind

No task today, the winds are bringing a lot of smoke here, giving us low visibility and there are high winds forcasted for the areas around Forbes, making it difficult to have a task.

Some pilots will fly locally before the winds hit later in the afternoon, it’s a nice and relatively cool 35 degrees outside now.

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