More towing

I finally got my Litespeed RS back from Texas last weekend, and what a better way to test it than hooking up to the scooter tow?  Here’s a short video from that test, (135MB) great success!

(Sorry for the bad light, but the sun is getting low here up north)

Next up is getting a more powerful scooter up and running, the one we have now chokes when we get some wind, you can see it on the video where I pull inn as I loose tension on the line.

What a shot


Two planes collide during an air show in Poland, both pilots are killed in the tragedy. I had to post because of the photo of the accident, just amazing, maybe a frame from high speed camera? See the fuel and oil in the air? Perfect timing from the photographer, and not so perfect timing from the pilots.

From the video it looked like a cloudy day, where the planes dived out from the clouds before colliding.