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Briefing day 7

140km zig-zag task, crosswind. Base at 3000 meters, 20 km winds. Much the same as yesterday.

Gerolf suggested a rest day, which would have been really good, but the vote failed 26 to 16  where the majority of pilots wanted to fly every day. Easy when you are warm and adjusted, hard for us coming from the north and have not had a real thermal flight in 5 months. My right shoulder is starting to act up again, hope it holds up a few more days.

Forbes 2010, Day 6, good race day

129 km task today, almost a triangle back to the worlds paddock.

I took the first start with a gaggle of pilots, saw some go back to wait for the next, but I did not want to wait, the early finishers get more points in the OzGAP system. The first themal took is to cloudbase at around 2000 meters, and from there I glided first towards the first TP. Atilla and Blay came in under me at the next thermal, and from there the three of us flew the rest of the task together. We were well in front of everyone else, and I knew we were leading and if we could keep the speed up it would be a good day.

It was a full race day, with 3 m/s thermals and lots of clouds, nothing like the crappy blue we had yesterday. On the final glide I did not see the goal line, and saw a goal line on a field 7-8 km further up the road, so I took a very conservative glide, while wondering what Atilla and Blay were thinking. I finally spotted the real goal when I was only a few km away, and came in way to high, but as number 3. Johnny came in after me, but with the second start he will have a better time.

Lots of people in goal today, but Olav landed at the start feeling too sick to fly.

Forbes 2010, day 2

A classic good day at Forbes, clouds and about 20 km/h winds. We got a 196km task, dogleg with crosswind the first leg. I had a good flight and got to goal as number 7 across the line, I took the first start so maybe some came in after with a better time.

I’m dead tired now, so I’ll sleep and see if I can upload some pictures and video tomorrow morning.