Hanggliding in Spain

If you want to fly hang- or paragliding in Spain, then Algodonales is the place! Thermals all year, but best from march to november.
Contact Paco in Albergue Al-Qutun.
-collects you with your equipment from the airport (Seville, Malaga or Cadiz).
-has accomodation in his Albergue, including storage for the gliders.
-has all the info of the flying sites in the surroundings
-takes care of transport up to the sites and collects you after XC-flights!!!!


Take a look at Paco’s website http://www.fenpa.org/al-qutun/
Mail him at al-qutun@eintec.es
Mail me at erik.vermaas@c2i.net and I can tell you all about it.

winching on Mjøsa

My first entry on this page. I am Erik, currently on ‘vacation’ in Norway and staying in Øyvinds appartment in Oslo. Please visit my traveljournal at http://home.c2i.net/erikv2/evic.htm

Last sunday, Robin and I drove to Moelv for winching on the frozen lake ‘Mjøsa’. We were drawn up to 500m over the ice. There were about 10-12 other pilots and some guys with a barbeque with ‘varme pølser’. I took a skatingtour to the other side of the lake. (this means the other long side – the lake is 150kms long and 2kms wide).

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I found a Internet Cafe here, so on with the news;
The first days here in Manilla have been quite gray, but everyone have been flying. The task in the Manilla HG comp have been around 100 km’s, and a few pilots have made goal. There’s a warm front passing, so yesterday and today have been quite gray, it’s supposed to be better tomorrow. It’s warm, around 35 degrees, I’ve never been drinking so much water.

The Litespeed’s were here when we came, and after some investigation my new harness also showed up at Tamworth airport. We have flown the gliders 2 flights each to get everything adjusted. The hangpoint was way to far back on my first flight and I could hardly control the glider. Olav took out a DT on the first landing as he came downwind downhill. After moving the hangpoint and adjusting the harness I feel ready to go XC soon. The gliders look and feel fantastic, can’t wait to get high and go far.

Manilla is a great place, flat, warm, and friendly people. (Except those bastards who broke in to our room and stole all our money!) Now we’re off to the hill again, it’s soarable with easterly winds, so it should be a nice day, if the cirrus breaks up it will be a really good day.

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Lots of people flew at Sundvollen last Sunday. I was in Vågå for our club’s annual meeting, and for the beginners course. The weather did not cooperate, so we only got a few flights on Sunday.

Now I’m packing for Australia, I’ll be leaving Friday morning. If things work out I’ll be posting news here from Oz. If there’s internet problems Erik will handle the postings for me.

I will try to upload some images if I can find a decent internet connection in Manilla, the GSM is a bit slow for that.

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Another weekend as instructor, great fun. We had snowstorm on Sunday, but found a hill where the winds were calm enough. Tommy drove 580 km from Arendal to learn hangglding, that’s the spirit! (580 km back as well on Sunday night)

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