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Import from old blog

Polls! All other sites have ’em, so I had to add one here as well. It’s up to you dear surfers – let me know what you think about the poll window. If I continue it will be questions like “What glider”, “PG, HG, Both?” “Personal best”, and so on.

It’s snowing outside, and a strong low coming in from the west, no flying.

Import from old blog

Erik’s back on line! He’s got a new laptop, and is updating the diary now. Check out

Garmin is updating their GPS range, the new GPS 12 MAP looks very interesting for HG/PG pilots. If anyone have a link to a review le me know! Check out

My car was stolen, so I can’t transport my hangglider to go flying until I’ve got a new car. It’s been bad weather lately anyway.