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Deniliquin, NSW, Australia

We arrived in Denni last night after a long drive from Sydney. It was very windy on the way out here, and we had to stop to strenghten the roof-racks to make sure the gliders did not fly off. Quite calm today so I guess we will be towing later today. I’m really looking forward to test my new glider and harness. We were on Bill Moyes’s aerotow list, as he was going to bring three tugs out here. Now it seems that that won’t happen, and we will all be car-towing. Fine with me, as we got all the car tow gear with us just in case something like this happened

It’s blue and around 30 degrees here. A few pilots in town, most arrive tonight.

Sydney, NSW, Australia

I’m at the Moyes factory checking our gear. The gliders are ready, my harness is getting ready later today, pretty busy here with lots of pilots here to pick up gear. Stanwell’s quite windy but flyable, 26 gliders are beeing test flown today. We’ll might go later if we can get everything sorted. Nice temperature here, around 30 yesterday.

OSL Airport, Norway

Finally it’s time to leave the ice and show for a while. I’m going to fly the three big comps in Australia – Oz Open, Bogong Cup, and Oz Nationals. The team is Otto Baste, Olav Opsanger, Gordon Rigg, and me. I expect we will be picking up gliders and heading inland soon after everyone have arrived. Otto is already on his way, last heard from in Bangkok.

I will update my homepages as usual, depending on how late we get home at night after flying. We will be aerotowing with Moyes, but might do some car tow as well if the queues are too long.

Now it’s on the move, with stops in London and Singapore. Flight time from London is around 24 hours.