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Milslukern 2003 – Day 4

Finally some normal weather, with blue skies and light winds from SW. We set up from Vole to fly free distance, the conditions were good, but high pressure made it a little difficult to get up if you got low. Most pilots chose to fly south into Gudbrandsdalen, and met headwind around Kvam. The longest PG pilots were Øystein Walle and Gunnar Sæbu who landed in the same field at 62.9 km out, to share first place. Rolf Dale took 3. place. Results paragliding at

Jon Gjerde took the course downwind across Rondane mountains in his Litespeed, a bold route selection with some of the mountain roads still closed. He landed north of Tynset, at 120,5 km. Nils Åge flew to Ringebu, and managed to hold on to his overall lead. Results hanggliding at

Jon Gjerde with price money, and trophies for 2. place and “Best newcomer HG”
Jon Gjerde

Milslukern 2003 – Day 3

We all went to Bøverdalen today as it was still quite windy in Vågå. We went up to Juvass and Dugurdmålskampen to fly. Sadly the strong NW winds in Vågå made it dangerous to set a open distance task for the Hanggliders as someone would fly to Vågå and end up in the turbulence. We cancelled the day a little to early as many of the pilots wanted to freefly in the nice conditions.

The paragliders waited for a long time at the top in the cold wind before it calmed enough to set a task. Lots of playing around soaring in the laminar air. We set goal at Garmo, and opened the window at 18:25 It was really nice conditions, with little wind and big thermals. 16 of the 44 pilots made goal. Stein Sørensen was the quickest, with Rolf Dale and Stein Tore on second and third.

Milslukern 2003 – Day 2

We woke up to blue skies and some wind from the west. It quickly became clear it would be too windy to stay in Vågå, so we sent the Paragliders to Branstadkampen and we Hanggliders went to Lensmannsvangen. Some cirrus clouds spread wery quicky, and shut down the conditions, so we waited until 15:30 when the first pilots took off. Most pilots bombed out in the weak and windy conditions, but Nils Åge managed to ridge soar into the wind and get up to 1000 meters above takeoff. He flew over 70 km to Moelv, getting up to almost 2600m. Johannes Moger and Robin also got away, Johannes landed at Lillhammer and Robin near Fåvang.

The paraglider pilots were too impatient, and decided to go back to Vågå forom Branstadkampen. It calmed down and was quite flyable for a long time. We should have been there, as it was the right wind direction and conditions.

The day turned out to be much worse than predicted, the forecast for tomorrow is nice, and it should be less windy as the pressure systems are weak.

Milslukern 2003 – Day 1

We have around 25 Hangglider and 35 paraglider pilots who have entered the competition. Lots of freeflyers here as well. I would guess there’s around 70 pilots in Vågå.

The weather today was gray, and we have had a few showers. We postponed until 12:00, and then went up to Vole. It was some sun around us, but we never got any good conditions to have a comp in. After waiting until 15:00 we cancelled the XC task, and set up a speedrun for PG and HG. It was difficult to launch, and most pilots went back down when the first showers came through. We who persisted got off and a nice run with light rain in the air. 15 paragliders and 4 hanggliders have flown the speedrun so far, some people went back up to try a again tonight. Forecast for tomorrow sems pretty good, fingers crossed!

Milslukern 2003

The annual Milslukern XC competition in Vågå starts tomorrow, the forecast looks very good for the weekend. Registration tonight and tomorrow morning. Make sure you catch Frode Halse’s introduction to XC flying in Vågå tonight from ca. 22:00 at the center. We have a lot of pre-registered pilots, both HG and PG.

Results will be posted on the net every day.

Weekend flying

I went to Hallingdal and Gol this weekend. I’ve never been flying there before, and the weather forecast looked nice enough to attempt some triangle flying. The valley have a 90 degree bend at Gol, really nice for triangle tasks. I woke up at 7 and looked out at fast developing cumulus… It did not OD totally, but it was not possible to do the triangle I had planned. I flew locally for a while, and landed at the RC strip at Gol. My students from this years course, Tor Inge and Johnny, got some nice flights as well. Johnny did well in the thermals, and got up from quite low. The Paragliders flew north to Hemsedal, I was thinking of following them, but wanted my triangle too much… A few of them flew 60 km, damn.

Steinar tried to a XC flight, but got stuck for 2 hours above Gol and came down to land when I started calling him on the phone so we could go get some food:-) That meal was a strange mix, eating indian food on the constitution day with Norwegian flags and people in national costumes all over. The resturant even played traditional norwegian folk music, wierd.

We went back up to Flatagrov takeoff as it cleared up a little, to see if we could find some magic air. The wind was gusty and shifting at takeoff, it was strong cross down in the valley, and wave clouds were setting up over us. Tor Inge and I rigged in a hurry to get ready and did not pay attention to the conditions. We both got off, barely… I nearly ended in the trees, it got much better up on the ridge. I flew back towards Gol, climbing nicely in smooth wave lift before getting my ass kicked in turbulence again. I landed back at the strip, turbulent all the way down.

Turbulent takeoff, shitty conditions.

Conditions at Frya was obviously better, as Alf flew 165km to Åndalsnes with his Millennium, and El Loco got his first 100km.

Sunday was gray and not very promising, stayed mostly inside and worked.