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Brasilian Open – Day 1 and 2

Two good days of flying here, the first day we got a 106 km task via two TP back to Brasilia. It was a little slow in the beginning, and I got stuck on the ridge low for a while. We thought there was the normal 15 minute start gate, but after landing we learned it was only two gates, at 13:15 and 13:45. Fortunately I took the last one without knowing it, while Olav got the first one and lost a lot of time. After getting up it was good flying, and we all got to goal. I flew on 2:20, Nils Åge 2:40, and Olav 2:45. Bethino won the day.

Today’s task was 122km, good clouds, but Nils Åge and I got really low after taking the first start, we were down to a few hundred meters when we spotted a few birds and got back up in a good thermal. I got low once more between the second and third TP after a long glide, but got a weak thermal very low that got us up a few hundred meters before searching around and finding a really good one. I nearly collided with Hiroshi in the turbulent top of the thermal, I could hear the wooosh of his glider passing behind me. After another long glide to take the last TP with about ten gliders behind me I turned and went diretly for some grass fires. In the thick smoke and flying ash we got up quickly, and I topped out and went on final glide, too high actually, but I could overtake 3 lower gliders. Olav was ahead but lower, we crossed the line almost at the same time. Nils Åge had 10 minutes on us.

So all in goal so far, hope we keep this habit :-) There’s about 80 pilots in the comp, many of the world teams are here and lfying in the comp to practice and tune the gliders. I would guess there’s almost 40 new Litespeeds here, with mixed feelings about how well they perform. Olav and Nils Åge’s gliders seems to be good. My old Litespeed is fine, I just need to replace the leadingedge that got a smal dent in it from the transport. I’m being outclimbed by the new S, but my glide is good.


Quick update before dinner – I´ve flown 3 days now, good conditions every day. Today I landed in goal in the center of Brasilia, quite a sight to do the final glide over skyscrapers and highways. In the centre of the city is a large square park, where we have landing space. It is still a little too few landings before the main landing, so I think my final glides will be conservative. The last two days we´ve had cloudbase at around 3000 meters, while the land here is at 1000 meters above sea level.

The weather is perfect, not too warm, between 25 and 30 degrees, and cool nights. Olav and Nils Aage arrived yesterday, but they have no gliders yet. We hope the truck with all Moyes gliders arrive tonight from Sao Paulo.

Nationals Day 8

More rain. Last day today, cancelled.

Weather’s been crap with 2 good days out of 8. The week before the comp was perfect, heard that one before?

On the last task Robin chrashed on landing near Otta, we do not know the details as he broke his jaw in two places and was scheduled for an operation yesterday. No other serious injuries as we know. His glider had some damage, but nothing that can’t be fixed. It’s very uncertain if he’ll recover enough to fly the worlds though.

Tonight I’ll short pack my glider, and head back to Oslo. Tomorrow morning Fredrik and I drive to Copenhagen and fly to Sao Paulo, and from there to Brasilia to fly the Brasilian nationals and the World championships with the rest of the team after that. I hope to be able to update these pages with news during our stay in Brasil

Nationals Day 5-6

Yesterday we finally got some reasonable good weather, with some sun and light winds. We set a one way task to goal at Frya. I took off early, and waited in cloudbase to take a little later start time as some pilots started on course. I watched them glide for a long time, and disappear over the edge at Lalm, never to be seen again. I decided to take another course over Otta, and glided from 2300 meters above Gråhøe over all the triggerpoints, and ended up low in the infamous Nord Sel, where I finaly found some weak lift and gained a few hundred meters together with Erik Vermas. It soon fell apart, and I glided out to land south of Otta. Why o why did I not go to Lalm and get up with the others, everyone who went that way got to goal. I lost 400 points and fell down to 4. place with slim chances of catching up. Tor Erik won the day again, and now have a strong lead.

Today we were optimistic, and set a task to Kvam and back from Salknappen, but suprisingly strong winds and overcast sky made it hard. Noone got any good flying, and the longest flight was Nils Åges 20 km to Otta. Tor Erik and I talked on the radio and tried to cooperate to get back up, but it was simply too windy and overcast. I landed in Nord Sel after 17 km, going back to the small patch of sun instead of gliding out to Otta, thus losing 10 points and fell down to 5. place.

Forecast is basicly crap for tomorow, with a slight chance of improvment Saturday.

Nationals Day 1-2

The first day of the Norwegian Nationals was canned, we got overdevelopment and rain after setting up at Salknappen.

Yesterday we got perfect conditions with cloudbase above 2000 meters and weak winds. The task was set to be a 82.8km out and retur, Vole – Kvam – Otta – Vågå centre – Vågå landing. It was slow going in the beginning, I found a nice 4 m/s termal over “bekken” after takeoff, and took the 13:30 startgate with Nils Åge and Erik Vermaas. We glided towards Vågåruste, I stopped and took a weak thermal after a few km, Nils åge went on and gotstuck low in Vågåruste. Erik and I got to cloudbase after a while, and we stopped a few more times before gliding over to Heidal, where Erik got stuck low below me. I stayed high and followed the clouds until the first TP at kvam where the air was dead. I searched around for lift in the whole area, wasting 800 meters before I took the TP and found some weak lift in the shade below Torgeirkampen. I met the gaggle getting back up, and got kicked around in a violent thermal near Otta. I saw Robin coming back low over Torgeirkampen after the TP, but I was still far ahead of him.

After taking the TP over Otta i got back up to 2000 meters above Ottaplatået, and went on glide 19 km out from the last TP, my Galileo told me I would have plenty of height, but I suspected headwind, and also had to calculate in the 3 km final glide from Vågå center to goal. I got a reasonable glide in weak headwind, but decided to stop and tank up some safety altitude behind Lalm, from there in it was a fast glide. I knew Tor Erik was maybe 15 minutes behind, but with with a later start time as well. I was first in goal, Tor Erik second, he had a minute faster time, but I won the day on departure and arrival points. Johnny was third, Olav, Robin, and Nils Åge next. A total of 10 pilots made goal, with the rest spread out nicely – a perfect day scoring wise.
Results at

Sadly the weather forecast was dead on today, overcast and rain. Tomorrow might be nice though.